How to Write a Bestselling Book . . . Even if You Have No Idea Where to Start
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Which One of These Scenarios is You?
  • You want to write a book, but have no idea where to start
  • ​You want to write a book but you have several different book ideas and can't choose which one to write
  • ​You started writing a book, but it's taking forever to finish
  • ​You wrote a book but sales have been disappointing to say the least
Maybe you wrote a book without prepping it for success and launched it to the sound of crickets
You thought that once you wrote the book your readers would find you, but they haven’t because no one taught you how to research your ideal reader/customer's wants, needs, expectations, and desires, so you could write a book that would appeal to them
You think that writing a book is an enormous task that’s going to take a long time and you're not sure it will work anyway, so you get completely overwhelmed and give up
Tired, frustrated, and almost ready to give up on my books . . .
I tried some quick fix solutions to drive more traffic to my first book, but nothing worked consistently.   
Until  one day I learned how to prepare my books for success from the very start . . .
... and now I'm on a mission to help others just like me do the same!
I wrote my first book without mindmapping or outlining it or learning the norms and expectations of my genre. As a result, it was a bear to write and revise.

I published that book without researching my ideal reader or my target market, and named the book and the series with no thought to the keywords they would use to search for it. As a result, my readers had a hard time finding it and sales fell flat.  
I tried some quick fix solutions to drive more traffic to my first book, but nothing worked consistently.
I almost gave up on writing books altogether, until I learned how to prepare my book for success from the very start.

The end result? Writing, revising, editing, and marketing my next book was ten times easier. My ideal readers began to find my books and give me great reviews.  Plus, when I launched the last book, it became an Amazon bestseller.  
Imagine what your life will be like 
when  you become a published author?
Wasting Time...
The Bestseller Book Challenge helps you avoid wasting time writing the wrong book. Instead, you'll learn how to write the right book for your ideal reader/customer 
Wasting Money...
 The Bestseller Book Challenge will keep you from throwing good money after bad trying to market a book your ideal readers/customers 
don't want and can't find
Getting Frustrated
The Bestseller Book Challenge will save you the endless frustration many writers suffer as a result of writing a book they think their ideal readers/customers should want instead of writing the book that the market actually wants
Writing and marketing your book will be so much easier 
when you follow the steps of The Bestseller Challenge 
and set your book up for success from the very start.


You'll be able to use your bestselling book to: 

attract new clients 
Books make great lead magnets. There are so many ways you can use a bestselling book to attract new clients to your products and services. They make great lead magnets (lures) to grow your email list. They're a great low cost way to introduce new clients to your product suite and they provide opportunities for potential new clients to know, like and trust you.  
stand out from the competition
In today's highly competitive market, you need every advantage. Being a bestselling author establishes you as an authority in your space and helps you stand out from the competition. 80% of Americans say they want to write a book, but only 2% of us ever do.  Be among those that do. 
Get speaking opportunities
Books are a great way to get speaking opportunities. The more speaking opportunities you get, the more opportunities you have to get in front of your ideal reader/customer. That means more prestige, more authority, more books sales, and more sales of your products and services off the back of your books.
get media attention
Books are great vehicles for garnering media attention. You can spin your book or your book topic to get articles, podcast interviews, talking head spots, and the like and get media exposure of you, and your products and services. It's done every day. 
Bestseller Book Challenge
The Bestseller Book Challenge
A 5 day challenge that helps you set your book up to be a bestseller

It's the perfect challenge for attorneys, business owners, authors, and aspiring authors who want to publish a bestselling book and use it to establish their expertise, attract new clients, jump start a new career or practice, or grow or start an author business.

NO 17 hour classes

NO 456 page workbooks

NO fluffy bonuses

  • How to define your goals and discover your niche, your ideal reader, your target market, and the requirements of your genre, so that you write the right book that will appeal to your ideal reader /customer
  • ​How to get inside your ideal reader/customer's head and discover their wants, needs and desires
  • How to develop a bestselling author mindset and avoid the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that kept you from writing or finishing your book in the past
  • How to refine your book idea so that you’re not trying to write 3 different books at the same time
  • ​How to mindmap and outline your book so you can create a roadmap and write it quickly, efficiently, and fantastically
  • ​How to grow your email list and start building an author platform so you don't launch to the sound of crickets
  • ​and so much more . . .

Bestseller Challenge Masterclass

You’ll get daily training that shows you exactly how to set your book up for success from the very start so you never write a book that nobody wants to read ever again ($297 value)

Bestseller Worksheets

I’ve literally laid out all the steps, exercises, cheat sheets, and checklists in this handy .pdf guide that you can edit and use for this and any other book project you choose to start ($97 value)

Bestseller Facebook Group

I’ve created a private Bestseller Book Facebook Group where I’ll go live several times during the challenge to answer questions, give additional training, and provide support. Plus, you’ll have a safe place to vet your ideas, enjoy community with like-minded individuals, and hook up with an accountability partner. ($97 value)

Nonfiction Outline Checklist

A handy checklist with step by step instructions for outlining a nonfiction book ($27 value)

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Bestseller Book Challenge Masterclass  (Value $197)
Bestseller Worksheets (Value $97)
Bestseller Popup Facebook group  (Value $97)
Nonfiction Outline Checklist (Value $27)
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That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of The Bestseller Book Challenge and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
what everyone is saying about us
"Candace Duff's challenge lived up to my expectations  . . . the tips are great! I also appreciated the accountability and community through the Facebook group offered as part of the Challenge. It was good to have the opportunity to post questions about our learning through the week in the 
Facebook group. Candace was faithful to answer all questions during the Live chats  or email access."  
tracie h,, Author
"Thank you Candace Duff, without your help this [book] project would not have been completed, . . . and I’m just so extremely thankful for your help and your support."
geraldine H., esq., Author & Retired Judge
"I am so excited for anyone who decides to work with Candace. If you want to write a book, any book, whether it’s your first, second, or third one. If you need help, if you need that accountability, if you need that advice, Candace Duff is the one that is going to help you.”
ayisha a., ceo, universal coach institute
hear what others are saying about us . . .

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Bestseller Book Challenge Masterclass (Value $197)
Bestseller Worksheets (Value $97)
Bestseller Popup Facebook Group (Value $97)
Nonfiction Outline Checklist (Value $27)
Total Value = ($418.00)
Today's Price = $37
frequently asked questions
What kind of book is the Challenge good for? 
The Bestseller Book Challenge is for you if you want to write a fiction or nonfiction book to start or grow an existing business (including an author business), change or further a career, get more speaking opportunities, or establish your expertise; however, it is not for those who want to write a memoir, autobiograpy, or children's book, or for those who want to create a journal, coloring book, or scrapbook.
Will the Challenge teach me how to write a book? 
No. I focused the Bestseller Book Challenge on helping you set your book project up for success from the very start by refining your book idea, researching your genre, ideal reader, target market and book format, mindmapping and outlining your book, etc. so that you know where you’re going every step of the way of your book project. I recognize that doing this work makes writing your book much easier and makes you much more likely to write a book people will actually buy.

How much time is required for the Challenge? 
You have immediate access to the the Challenge videos so you can take as much or as little time as you’d like. You can conceivably watch all the videos and do all the exercises in as little as two days or you can do your assigned tasks each day and finish in a week.

How fast can I expect to see results?
That depends on how fast and how well you complete the Challenge. At the end of the Challenge, you should have a step-by-step roadmap for writing your bestselling book and be knowledgeable about your ideal reader/customer's wants, needs, and desires.

Is the content available immediately?
Yes. The Challenge videos and other materials are immediately accessible in the members area.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?
No. The Challenge is contained in a membership site. You’ll be able to log in and access it from anywhere.

How long can I keep it for?
You have “lifetime” access to the Challenge videos and materials for as long as I offer the program. In the event I decide to no longer offer the Challenge, I will give you the opportunity to download the materials.

Is there a guarantee? 
Yes. See the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee above.
Are You Ready to Write a Bestselling Book and Put it to Work to Grow Your Business?
Here’s the truth:
The time to think about book marketing is before you ever start writing your book. Bestsellers are created before an author ever puts a pen to the page. By following the tasks in this Challenge, you have the ability to set your book up for success from the very start so you can write the right book that will appeal to your ideal reader and put it to work to achieve your business goals.
Stop wasting time and money procrastinating and floundering around trying to write a book on your own with no guidance or, even worse, publishing books you ideal reader doesn’t want. It’s time to write the book that will have your ideal readers finding you
Let’s get started.

Candace D.

Bestseller Book Challenge Masterclass (Value $297)
Bestseller Worksheets (Value $97)
Bestseller Popup Facebook Group (Value $97)
Nonfiction Outline Checklist (Value $27)
Total Value = ($418)
Today's Price = $37
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