Attention: Attorneys, Business Owners, and Aspiring Authors

Are You Ready to Write Your Book Fast 
& Put it to Work to Help You Achieve Your 
Personal, Professional & Business Goals?

From: Candace Duff
Re: Write Your Book in a Weekend
What's your big goal for this year?  Is it to pivot and get creative in your business in these uncertain times?

Is it to develop multiple streams of income so you're not entirely dependent upon a paycheck?

Is it to start (and become known for) a different practice, career, or business?

Maybe you want to give up the rat race and the stress altogether and start an author business instead . . . 

Or maybe you've been agonizing over a book for months or even years and you just want to finally get it done.

Whatever your goal is, this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

In today's highly competitive market, publishing a book can mean the difference between achieving your goals or losing out on valuable opportunities to someone who has published a book. Like it or not, in today's society, a published author is held in higher esteem and is seen as an expert on the topics about which they write.

My name is Candace Duff and I'm an author, a book coach, and an attorney.

I've helped many attorneys, business owners, and other aspiring authors just like you write their books quickly, efficiently, and fantastically, and use them to achieve their goals. I can do it for you too.

Write Your Book in a Weekend is a two day implementation workshop that gives you everything you need to write or finish your book fast so you can put it to work for you.

In light of the pandemic, this will be an online virtual workshop you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home.  
To Make Sure You Get the Most Out of This Event, We Limit the Number of Attendees.  
Be Sure to Reserve Your Spot While You Still Can ...
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Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You 
Get With The Write Your Book in a Weekend Program...

  • You'll whip out the first draft of a book you can use to attract new clients and better speaking opportunities
  • You'll save money on ghostwriting fees, writing courses, and lost opportunity cost by focusing the bulk of your book writing efforts into a single weekend with an experienced author and book coach guiding you every step of the way.
  • You'll save a ton of time by avoiding procrastination, overwhelm, and time consuming mistakes, and leap over any obstacles keeping you from writing or finishing your book.
  • You'll learn how to set your book project up for success from the very start and create a working outline so you know what to write every step of the way.
  • ​You'll be able to avoid all the distractions keeping you from focusing on your book project and getting it done
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More 
With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Dictation Drill
Bonus #1: One on One Book Strategy Session ($997 Value)
You start with a recorded one-on-one book strategy session wherein we discuss your book project and your goals in depth to make sure that you write the right book to achieve those goals.
Dictation Drill
Bonus #2: Bestseller Book Challenge ($97 Value)
The time to think about book marketing and making back end sales from your book is before you ever put pen to the page.  You get immediate access to The Bestseller Book Challenge - 14 day challenge that helps you set your book up for success from the very start so you can write the right book that will appeal to your ideal reader and put it to work to achieve your personal, professional and business goals.
Dictation Drill
Bonus #3: 10 Day Book Bootcamp Course ($997 Value)
You get lifetime access to a pre-recorded course that takes you, step-by-step, from your book idea to the first draft of your book fast.  You'll be able to refer back to this course for all the books that you write in the future.

So Here's The Bottom Line With 
Write Your Book in a Weekend

First, you start with a recorded one-on-one book strategy session with me over Zoom where we discuss your book project and your goals for the book and your business in depth.

Next, you log in online for a weekend ready to work on nothing else but your book. During that weekend, I personally guide you step-by-step from book idea to book outline to finished first draft in 48 hours. You'll have me there to look over your shoulder (or on your shared screen), answer any questions, and hold you accountable every step of the way. Plus, we'll engage in continuous timed guided writing sprints.

By the end of the weekend, you'll have the first draft of your book done or nearly done, actionable skills you can apply to your next book, and a roadmap for the next steps in your book project.

Normally, my clients would pay me $10,000 for this type of coaching, but I want to offer this experience on a limited small group basis and help more people get their books done quickly, efficiently, and fantastically.

Every minute you wait is another potential client you miss when they find the business owner who published a book instead of you. Take action now and get your book done.

Seats are limited. Act now before they fill up!

Imagine How Your Life and Business 
Will Change After You Become A Published Author
* How good will it feel to hold your book in your hands?
* How good will it feel to see your book and your name listed on that Amazon author page?
* How will prospective customers, colleagues and event organizers see you after you become a published author and a recognized authority in your area of expertise?
* How will your value as a speaker, coach, expert, professional, or consultant increase when you’re able to list your published book in your bio?
*How many ways will you put your book to work for you to grow your business?
*How many doors will your book open for you?
*How much will your book add to your bottom line by helping you get more customers, more opportunities, more exposure and more recognition as an authority?
Write Your Book In a Weekend FAQ's
 What Are The Dates Of The Event? The implementation workshop will take place on July 25-26, 2020;  however, in the time between now and then, you'll have your 1 on 1 Book Clarity session with me and participate in the 14 day Bestseller Book Challenge which will help you refine your book idea, hone in on your ideal reader/customer, begin to build your author platform, and research, mindmap, and outline your book. You'll also have access to the 10 Day Book Bootcamp program in which you'll learn fast writing and guerilla writing techniques.     
 Where Will the Event Take Place?​ The event will take place online.
  Why is this event being offered online instead of in person? In light of the recent Coronavirus scare, we decided not to make this an in person workshop and instead to offer it virtually.  The upside is that you'll be able to participate and get the support you need in the privacy of your own home and save 50% of the workshop price. 
 Is this a good event for me to attend if I want to write a business, self-help or how to book? Yes. Aspiring authors of all types of books will learn how to write their books quickly, efficiently, and fantastically. The majority of Candace's book coaching clients are nonfiction authors writing business, career, personal development and how-to books
 Is this a good event for me to attend if I want to write fiction, memoir, or an inspirational book? Yes! Aspiring authors of all types of books will learn how to write their books, quickly, efficiently, and fantastically.  As a novelist herself, Candace understands the need for fiction and nonfiction authors alike to acquire these skills.
 Can Anyone Attend This Event? If you desire to write a book to establish your expertise, attract new customers or speaking opportunities, start an author business, or fulfill a lifelong dream, then this event is for you. 
 Can I Bring My Spouse Or Guest? Yes.  Each person needs to purchase their own ticket for the event. 
 Is This Just Another Seminar? No! Write Your Book in a Weekend is all about implementation.  You'll get some training but you're going to be doing a ton of writing. This event is designed to help you whip out a draft of a book you can use to build an author business or attract new customers and opportunities to expand your existing business. 



Candace Duff is a best selling novelist and book coach who helps aspiring authors, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and speakers write and publish their books quickly, efficiently, and fantastically. She's also an attorney.

Prior to starting her own mediation firm, she was a shareholder at a large international law firm. A graduate of Vassar College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, her novels, which are published under two different pen names, are available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes, get 4.5 star ratings, and are enjoyed by readers all over the world.

Are You In?

Get the First Draft of Your Book Written in a Weekend for Just $497.

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